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Do you have players that...


even though you believe in them

are too hard on

even though they definitely shouldn't be

find themselves
full of doubt

before they even
get started


by the pressure
and intensity


Running a team takes a lot more than just learning the game. Beyond the physical skills and talent, players need to have a good mental game to compete.


You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know there’s more to take the best care of your players so they can perform at their highest levels on the field.

What you really want is to...

 Have players that are confident

Coach with minimal amounts of stress

Know how to help your players when they struggle mentally

Have parents that are supportive and helpful


You can learn how to get all of these things at the...

Master the Mental Game Summit

This summit gives you tools you'll need to help you and your players master the mental game.

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How great would it be to have...

Players that are as mentally strong as they are physically strong

Coping skills at the ready to help players when they get down

A toolbox of strategies to help you and your players when things get tough

The knowledge to guide your players to mental toughness
and resilience

A community of players, parents, and coaches that support your team concept

You can learn about all of this at the
Master the Mental Game Summit!

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Hi, I'm Jessica Vincent
Owner of Positive Sports Communities

I'm a former teacher and through my daughter's love of softball, I have found the opportunity to become an Assistant Softball Coach, Board of Directors Softball Club Member, Team Mom, and my most coveted position, Sports Mom.
I know the ins and outs of working with all kinds of parents and families. I have cultivated and led positive communities that build trust and respect, positivity and fun. The strategies I use help people come together, use their strengths, and benefit the good of the team.
Through these experiences, I bring you the best of what I've learned so that you can cultivate teams and players that love being together and competing at their highest levels.

What makes this summit different?

  • All the content is available online so you can watch from the comfort of your home. No travel expenses!
  • Pick and choose only the speakers you want to watch and rewatch the presentations if you'd like
  • Presentations are short and include an action step so you can listen, learn, and get right to work
  • All material is specifically curated for Youth Sports Coaches

We want to help you and your players be in the best headspace for the game.

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It's time to...

- Coach with a supportive community behind you

- Have a toolbox of skills to help your players gain the resilience they need to compete

- Help your players believe in themselves as much as you do!

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We look forward to having you join us for the summit!

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